Foreign Trade

Sales of petroleum products: The company has succeeded in removing a significant share of the supply and shipment of oil, such as fuel oil, diesel, bitumen, and all petroleum product
Contracts with oil and gas companies and factories, including refineries and petrochemicals in Russia, Ukraine, Iraq and Oman, are among the activities of the past 25 years

Main activities

Export of petroleum products
The company, with full authority from several Russian refineries as well as Erbil, Iraq, has not exported these products to European and Asian countries, especially China, and in these measures, we are proud of our export affairs. Export of products such as diesel, diesel, gasoline. Types of Euros, Fuel Oil, LED Oil, LPG, Lubricants, Bitumen and Petroleum Coke
In the form of long-term contracts in the form of FOB and CIF and very easy payment terms are among our actions

.Type of export goods

50 thousand tons of diesel per month to Varna, Bulgaria with a 2-year contract period (CIF)

120,000 tons of jet fuel per month to Benin with a 1-year contract period(CIF)

5,000 tons of 60-70 bitumen to Greece via Turkish land route with a 1-year contract period (CIF)

Export of non-oil products

The company has extensive operations in African countries, especially Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania and Kenya, and in some European countries such as Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Croatia.

:Type of export goods

Export of a total of 200 handmade and machine-made silk carpets from Kashan and Qom to Nigeria

Types of Iranian food (chocolates, humility nuts, snacks, cosmetics, bedding, decorative paintings, etc.) A total of 20 40-foot containers to Senegal and Nigeria


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