Mehrab Silk Road Green  Company (M.G.S.R) during its 20 years of activity, has always been considered as one of the powerful arms of the country among dozens of domestic companies in performing related tasks and with many experiences and facilities and a strong expert body, one of the well-known brands and Reputable Islamic Republic of Iran is considered a basic commodity in the world market

Continuous and timely presence in global markets and full familiarity with market rules and regulations, good reputation in fulfilling domestic and foreign obligations, having the necessary facilities and mechanisms to properly perform missions and perform assigned tasks, full compliance with laws, approvals, Regulations and instructions, relying on the principle of customer orientation and respecting the rights of stakeholders and stakeholders, considering national interests and interests in doing things, a central program and moving around expert and collective policies and decisions, supporting domestic production and its introduction and supply To international markets, and more broadly; The motivation and great desire to serve the honorable nation and the country of Iran and to satisfy the majority of the society and those who enjoy the services, are among the components that have justified and radiated the face of this company in the domestic and international arenas

These affairs have been able to play a major role in introducing Iranian goods abroad by establishing joint trading houses and establishing trade consortia with honorable producers of this land and water

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